is a white–listed invite–only vanilla survival Minecraft snapshot server for Ashley Graham & friends.

There is a collection of ever–expanding screenshots by the various inhabitants, along with a semi–regularly updated map for your consideration. You can also grab a copy of some of the other assets we have laying around.

Recent Screenshots


Places you might find interesting while playing (or trying to play) Minecraft.

  1. A calculator for your enchantments (now including books!).
  2. The prettiest (and most useful) status checker by a very smart chap.
  3. The only texture pack you'll ever need: Jolicraft maintained by a very talented artist.
  4. A map of potions for those difficult to remember concoctions.
  5. Need help designing some circles?


There are two rules; aside from the fact this is vanilla survival, don't rape the landscape & don't be a dick.

Don't rape the landscape means not altering the Minecraft generated landscape too much while playing. Things can be built and destroyed, but use the naturally generated landscape as much as possible while you build. Challenge yourself with your builds! Don't just flatten everything out to build yet another square–shaped box!

Don't be a dick has a much wider scope, but essentially: don't annoy your fellow players intentionally. Intent matters! Pranking is cool, griefing is not!